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58, Penang Street,
P.O. Box 1154,
10200 Penang,




Panasonic Lithium 3V coin button cell battery CR2032 (pack of 5)

Glean Garbage Bag

Glean Mini Trash Bag


BKT-P&N Battery Clip

Tulips Mansory Nail

TERRY Tool Clip

Tulips Galvd Concrete Nail

Spit Fire Combination Sharpening Stone

Spit Fire Fiber Disc

Spit Fire Flap Wheel


Semi-Auto Strapping Band

Manual Hand Strapping

Stretch Films

Air Bubble Roll

PVC Pipe Cutter AK0085

Gajah Handsaw (wooden handle)

American Tinman's Snips

Germany Tinman's Snips ak0332

SDS Hammer Drill

Irwin SDS PLUS Hammer Drill

Irwin SDS PLUS Hammer Drill

Tapered File



VDE Screwdriver 6pc Set with Bonus

Swivel Head Riveter

Staple Gun

Spark Detecting Screwdriver

Fibreglass Nail Hammer

Wood Handle Nail Hammer

Rubber Mallet

Jacketed Steel Handle Hammer

Slimline Combination Wrench

Slimline 14 piece Combination Wrench Set

Slimline 9 piece Combination Wrench Set

Reversible 3-Jaw Puller

INDY Jumbo Tool Box

Tool Box

Tool Bag

Denim Nail Bag

Jumbo 16" Tool Box with 2 Pull Out Organizers, Bit Holder and Metal Latches

25-Piece Do-it-all Tools Set

18-Piece Tools Set

7-Piece Tools Set

Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Jack

Bend Grease Nipple

Lever Block

Chain Block

TSK Puller

Asaki 6831 Chain Block-CK

Welding Cable CCA (Color: Orange)

DACHI Twin Welding Hose

UNISAFE Leather Welding Gloves 13.1/2"

Measuring Wheel

2578 Measuring Wheel

Steel Measuring Tape

Steel Measuring Tape

ECLIPSE Predator Bimetal High Speed Steel Hacksaw Blades

Dolphin Pulley Block

82838 Dolfino Magnetic Door Stopper

4" Dolfino 3 pcs S/Steel Hinger

PW1500S-XD Black & Decker 1500W Water Jet High Pressure Washer

DCD700C2 DeWalt 10.8V Compact Drill Driver

SCD121S2K Stanley 10.8V Drill Driver

SCI12S2 Stanley 10.8V Impact Driver

Harsp & Staple

DEKKO Window Handle without bearing

DEKKO Window Handle with bearing

DEKKO Deep Window Handle

High Pressure Flexible Hose

JTC Seal Tape

Pipe Hook

DEKKO Water Tap Key

A1 Multi Purpose Aluminium Folding Ladder

A1 Triple Extension Aluminium Ladder

A1 Double Extension Aluminium Ladder

A1 Single Pole Aluminium Ladder

Mini Roller Refill

Cage Frame Roller Refill

AllMaster Paintbrush

29-494-1 Paint Roller

Black Oxide Paint

Dolphin Superior Polyester Putty

WD-40 Multipurpose Spray (277ml)

KANGAROO Bituminous Compound

Hand Sanitizer

Disinfectant Spray

3-ply Face Mask



Fiberglass Screening

BRC Netting Wire Mesh

Polish Mop (No Sewing)


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